Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Site Write Entry #20: I Wish I'd Never Met You

Prompt: May 26, 2012 - Who does your character regret meeting and why?
. . . . . Re-acclimation to a world which no longer desired her presence was a long, hard process filled with sorrow and anger, insult and even some grievous physical injury at times. Valdiis stood on a balcony overlooking the Trader's Tier in the Exodar - a ship she'd never gotten particularly familiar with - and stared unseeingly at the strings of arcane lights dripping from the crystal ceiling. Far below, a small speck of a huntress - a brash female who'd crashed into Valdiis's life with flailing emotionality and exuberance, and forced some semblance of compassion from her cold heart - was stomping away, furious at the chilly reception her request had gained her.
. . . . . Once, Valdiis had considered the huntress an adopted sister.
. . . . . Now? She was just another breather who couldn't stand the fact that Valdiis would not lie down and die.
. . . . . Beside her, the Major was silent. He was starting to learn some of her mannerisms and moods, beginning to know when to prod and when to ignore. Right now, he was ignoring her. It was for the best. Her fury still lurked beneath the surface, a hulking, slimy black creature undulating beneath the surface of the frozen lagoon of her reactions.
. . . . . "I wanted to ask you for help with his funeral," the huntress had asked, tears in her eyes.
. . . . . "He lied to me. I have no time to spare for liars. Funerals are for ze livink."
. . . . . Kylea had stalked off, furious. She never would realize that Valdiis was not angry at her. No, it was her adopted father - the one male she'd let herself care about since the murder of her beloved brother - whom she blamed. Blamed for helping her to remember what compassion was, blamed for making her care at all, blamed for promising her his time and disappearing, blamed for dying without ever following through. As she folded her arms across her chest and blew out an entirely unnecessary breath as a sign of releasing frustration, she wished she'd never met Dagone.

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