Monday, May 28, 2012

Site Write Entry #18: Demiurge

Prompt: May 25, 2012 - Demiurge
. . . . . It was four bells past midnight, not quite shy of morning - the sort of hour which peeks blearily out at you from under a wooden crate in the alley and shushes you for thinking too loudly. In short, it was a terrible hour to be out and up to mischief, which is precisely why Miss G. Ulricson, the blinded trader's wife, was doing no such thing. She was simply returning home in her terribly unfortunately slow fashion from a late night of negotiating silk deals with her factor down at the harbor and had miscounted her doors. Truly, she wasn't trying to break in to someone else's house. She even had the key! It was simply hard to put in properly when one wasn't able to see the slot.
. . . . . Magistrate Harvel Taybor had been hauled out of bed in his longjohns by the Stormwind City Guard for a little blind trader's wife who'd miscounted doors? He scowled at the guards behind her, and his scowl was made all the darker for the four a.m. shadow growing on his face. The runecloth bandages over her eyes were barely visible beneath her hood, but the way she kept reaching out to touch things around her - as if reassuring herself of the limitations of her space by feel alone - was clearly the behavior of a woman truly blinded. Besides, he knew Factor MacMillan as a right upstanding fellow who'd be quite put out if one of his deals went sour because Magistrate Taybor jailed his buyer...
. . . . . Twenty minutes and two gold coins later, Miss G. Ulricson was escorted back to her door by the guards - who carefully checked to make sure the number matched her key - and left to her evening. Knowing they were still watching, she fumbled the key into the lock, but managed it and then slipped inside.
. . . . . "Oy," came a soft hiss. "Wot kept ya?"
. . . . . "Guards almost nicked me f'r suspicious behavior tryin' t' get in me own damn door." Ilva pushed her hood back and began unwinding the bandages over her perfectly functional eyes. "Light bless tired public servants, though."

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