Friday, May 25, 2012

Site Write Entry #15: Itchy

Prompt: May 21, 2012 - Itch, itch. Your character has an itch in the most impossible place to scratch. Where is it and how does your character dramatically solve the problem?
. . . . . Swathed in mottled, dark grey cloth from head to toe, Ilva crept along the roof line in the near total darkness of a new moon. Below her, pacing the cobblestone streets with a clank and clatter which announced his presence even before the light from his unshuttered lantern was visible was a Stormwind City guard. His plumed helmet bobbed comically as he walked from shop to shop down Forge Street in the Dwarven District. Ilva made not a sound and barely a visible motion as she flitted from chimney to chimney, minimizing the time she spent profiled against the night sky.
. . . . . The guard stopped in front of the darkened windows of a bakery and lifted a hand, pressing his helmet against the window as he peered in. Slowly, Ilva dropped down the tar paper roof until she was almost near enough to grab that ridiculous plume. Time stood still as she waited for the guard to set his lantern down on the bench next to the window. Without the lantern shining glare off the glass, he would be able to see better. Sure enough, he set the lantern down. Then he lifted a hand gloved in plate and blue leather, two fingers pointing left briefly.
. . . . . Ilva grabbed the lip of the roof - no gutter to speak of - and flipped herself over it, landing lightly on the padded balls of her leather slippers on the ground just behind the guard. He never heard her drop down.
. . . . . "Nooooorrrm," she whined. "Scratch my back. I ent able t' reach there."
. . . . . The guard turned, scowling through his helmet. "Oy. Get lost, Rabbit. This ain't a jobbie here."
. . . . . "I know we ent knockin' this place." She danced in place on the cobblestone, fidgety as she tried to get one arm behind her back, then switched, then back again. "Norm! Scratch my back!"
. . . . . The Stormwind City guard sighed heavily and pulled his right glove off, reaching out right between Ilva's shoulderblades to give a good skritch. Pity it stopped her sticking her chest out and dancing in place, though.

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