Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Site Write Entry #12: Pathetic

Prompt: May 18, 2012 - Pathetic http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/pathetic?s=t
. . . . . "Oy, it's closin' time. Wake up." The bartender didn't hesitate to kick the chair the tall, lanky draenei male was planted in. After all, he needed to be budged before he took up root.
. . . . . "Uh. Ah. Huh?" Blearily, the draenei raised his head with an exhale that'd send a plague whelp into the corner to cry in shame. While his tightly-wound brown curls were usually a mess, it was something new to have the entire mass migrate to one side of his head with a poof of Too Much Hair on the left and a flat plane on the right where his head had been on the bar-room table.
. . . . . The dwarf bartender - one of Bruuk's employees - kicked the chair again. "Git on wit' ye."
. . . . . Somewhere, Diyos was quite certain he'd left his hooves, but that somewhere didn't seem to include 'beneath him.' He tried to stand, wobbled, and fell into the table. Blessedly, dwarven tables are sturdy and the draenei was skinny. The bartender tsked and gave him a good shove. "Out."
. . . . . "Right. Right. I'm goin'. I'm- oh Light she dumped me!" Diyos wailed. Entirely unsympathetic - as inert objects tend to be - the door closed behind him. A hiccup knocked him back against the door frame as he tried again to find his hooves. Looking down helped. There they were. Left one forward. Balance. Right one forward. Balance again. Good!
. . . . . He made it about fourteen feet to the stoop of the closed shop next door to Bruuk's. It was somewhere past three bells at night, not long after Brewfest. The anchorite had managed to give his best friend the slip and go get spectacularly drunk in one final purging of emotion over his recent split. He knew he was being rather overly dramatic about it, but Diyos never did do much by halves. Once he'd gotten all the wailing and sadness and the mix of rejection and anger and unworthiness out of his head, he knew he'd be over it entirely. But for now, he wallowed and he was quite content to wallow.
. . . . . "Diyos?" In front of him were four identical elf men. They crouched simultaneously - woah! - and held out four hands to him. "I've been looking all over Ironforge for you. Ooo, we ought to get you some mints. Come on."  
. . . . . Diyos tried to take the hand of the elf on his far left. That didn't work - bastard must've pulled his hand away at the last second. So he tried far right. Still too slow. The middle left worked though, mostly, and he gripped his friend's hand. "Y'know, Ekkerssh, you're a good friend. A goooood friend."
. . . . . Ekanos tucked his shoulder under the tall, slender draenei male's arm and helped steady him as he stood up. "Sure I am. Let me tell you some stories that'll cheer you up. And get you some breath mints."

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