Monday, June 4, 2012

Site Write Entry #25: A Succulent

Prompt: May 31, 2012 - Succulent
. . . . . "Hoi, brother!" The shout traveled easily over the sun-baked sands. "Come take a look at this!"
. . . . . Diyos turned away from his forlorn search of the sandy horizon for a glimmer of water and headed for the source of the call, his twin, Athos. His younger brother (by a only a few minutes, he would not hesitate to remind!) was standing before quite the oddest looking tree Diyos had ever seen. His brother's braid fell off his left shoulder as he tilted his head that direction, clearly giving this strange thing his best curious regard.
. . . . . "Can I drink it?" Diyos whined as he approached.
. . . . . "Well, maybe. You see, it looks thick and juicy from here, but the spi- DIYOS!"
. . . . . It was too late. The parched priest had run headlong to the odd tree and grabbed a branch. There was just one problem; the branch - indeed, the whole "tree" - was covered in long, sharp spines. Diyos howled and pulled his hand back, two long spines embedded in his palm.
. . . . . "Honestly, I was trying to tell you to be careful," Athos chided as he called upon the Light to soothe his twin's wounds and cease the flow of blood from his palm.
. . . . . "I thought you were about to go into pedantic mode again. And I am thirsty!" Diyos scowled. "Let's head towards the coast for water."
. . . . . "We haven't even mapped as far as these fabled time caverns yet!"
. . . . . "We can come back! Besides, that goblin back in Gadgetzan said we'd find folks with water out that way. Perhaps someone will be feeling kindly enough to share."

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