Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obligatory Introduction

Hooray! Another small, egocentric World of Warcraft role-playing fiction blog. I feel special.

I hate writing about myself, so I'll make this brief. I am twenty-six years old, female, and an unrepentant geek. I am in college (late!) for a bachelor's in Criminal Justice or Sociology - I haven't entirely made up my mind on my major yet. I also work part time in a typical boring office which allows me a lot of time to sit at a computer and write. My hobbies are hiking, amateur silversmithing, reading fantasy and trashy romance novels, cross-stitch, and playing WoW.

I avoided playing WoW when it first came out, not really being on the pay-to-play bandwagon. Just two weeks before the Burning Crusade expansion came out, I finally got a trial account and tried the game. My first character was a human female warrior on Medivh-US; warriors in most MMOs tend to be the simplest class to learn. At level 12, I got a quest to visit Greatfather Winter in Ironforge. I popped open my map to find out where to go and then my then-fiance and I (he was also playing a warrior) tried to run from Stormwind to Ironforge - through the Burning Steppes... We made it all the way to Blackrock Mountain with a great deal of corpse-running, where several startled level sixty players told us about the Tram.

We didn't like having to sit in the queue all the time to get onto Medivh-US, so we started new characters on whatever server WoW recommended to us - Ysera-US. I made a night elf female priest and my then-fiance made a night elf female druid. We made it to about level 20 in those first two weeks. The game was alright, I was thinking about buying it...and then I saw a Youtube video of the upcoming races in the expansion.

The draenei. Oh my... Horns, hooves, a tail, and a sexy Russian accent? Sign me up!

Thus, the draenei are why I play WoW at all. The majority of my characters are draenei, and so far, all of my stories have been about them. I adore the visual design and the lore of the race, even if they were retconned into the game and drive the spacegoat-haters insane. Their story is that of ultimate survival, of picking back up the shattered pieces - over and over - and emerging with resilience and nobility despite any horror visited upon them.

I was a "casual raider" on Ysera-US for the entirety of TBC and Wrath up to the release of the Trial of the Grand Champion raid - by "casual" on Ysera, I mean 3-4 days a week, 4 hours a day, plus a minimum of 10 daily quests to make enough money to pay for repairs and enchants. By the time ToC25 was released, I was entirely fed up with the raiding scene and the guild drama and the typical idiocy which I encountered on Ysera. I had been toying with the idea of attempting to RP in WoW - I used to do freeform online RP throughout my teenage years - but I have believed for a little more than a decade that my muse had died, abandoned me for the great novel in the sky. But Ysera just annoyed me so I started looking. I'd heard a few rumors about Moon Guard-US being a very big RP server (and also something of a horror), so I created a level one human female warlock and ran over to Goldshire.

Once the terrifying images had been seared into my brain for all eternity and the pain had faded to a dull, persistent ache, I rolled a human male priest instead and went to Stormwind. After a few pitiful attempts at RP, I decided this was actually sort of fun, and at least a nice break from raiding drama. I found the Moon Guard wiki page while looking for information about guilds on the server. And then the magic hit me. I found the entry for the Knights of Menethil guild - all death knights. Now there's a guild I won't have to worry about raiding drama in...and hey, this actually looks really interesting... I can roll a death knight here and see if I can come up with a story...

It turns out that my muse was indeed dead. And rotting. And slaughtering Scarlet Crusaders at the Lich King's command.


For the curious, the characters I play are as follows (updated 7/29/13):
Rosoe - Division Eighty-Four - level 90 draenei female shaman: enhancement spec - Moon Guard
Hadeon - Shadows of Argus level 87 draenei male death knight: frost spec - Moon Guard
Valdiis - Knights of Menethil - level 85 draenei female death knight: blood/frost spec - Moon Guard
Diyos - Elysium -  level 85 draenei male priest: shadow/discipline spec - Moon Guard
Ilva - Division Eighty-Four - level 85 worgen female rogue: subtlety/combat spec - Moon Guard
(inactive) Kresmira - Brotherhood of the Dawn - level 85 draenei female paladin: holy/retribution spec - Moon Guard
Serathyn - level 79 blood elf female warlock: destruction spec - Moon Guard
Ryule - level 70 worgen male druid: guardian/feral spec - Moon Guard
Cassidy - level 56 worgen female warrior: arms spec - Moon Guard
Xeremuriis - Farseer - level 52 draenei female shaman: enhancement spec - Moon Guard
Zubeida - level 24 human female monk: windwalker spec - Moon Guard
(inactive) Parnel - level 10 human female hunter - Moon Guard

There are some characters in the above list who I take some care with revealing who their player is because I do like to have "retreat" characters, but I never directly lie about who I am and will own up to them being played by me if directly pressed - and that is why I also own up to them here in my personal blog which I realize is not hidden from the rest of the world.

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