Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Notes on How the Stories Will Go

I don't currently plan on having a great deal of out-of-character, non-story chatter in this blog. It's meant for sharing stories. I have a LiveJournal for OOC whining. I will - from time to time - have a comment about why something was written a particular way, but I'll try not to do that too often.

In order to help sort the stories, each will be preceeded by a small icon of the character and tagged with the character's name. I will be posting the stories in the order they were written, so the evolution of my writing style can be more clearly observed (and giggled at). Depending upon whim, the stories may be accompanied by a picture or two of the areas in which they occur - inspired by Destron's Travels through Azeroth and Outland (but with a great deal less awesome than he possesses).

Every story will also be preceeded with a link to a song that I was listening to while writing or editing the story. Music is a vital part of the process for me and story titles, images, phrases, and moods can be heavily influenced or outright stolen from a piece of music. Even the title of this blog is taken from two songs I love. (Yes, the Windbringer refers to one character and the Winterborn is another; no, I'm not telling who.) It is intended that the music I link be listened to while reading the story - if possible. I try not to repeat bands in order to ensure that the mood of each story stands alone, although there are certain ones I listen to frequently when writing.

Updates will occur...well, when I have a story to put up. Right now, I have a backlog of thirteen pieces to publish on the blog, and by the time I post them all, I hope to have a few new pieces. I tend to write on Tuesdays and Fridays, as those are days I have free time between classes, but lately I've been writing even at work because I have a lot of free time there now too (and at least typing sounds like working).

Expect first story this evening when I get off work, because there are some links I can't access behind all the firewalls here.

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